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Electronic Music Group



ΗΧΟΤΟΠίΑ (Ixotopia) is the electronic music and audiovisual collective from Athens that started as initiative of Panagiotis Tomaras. The main axis of this project is the manipulation of visual material from Greek cinema and television combined with analogue and digital instruments, sequencers and drum machines.


ΗΧΟΤΟΠΙΑ released one EP ''Καρδιά-Μηχανή" (Heart-Machine) 2018 via Kymatic Athens and one LP ''Χωρις Ταχύτητα'' (Without Speed) 2019 via Inner Ear Records. ΗΧΟΤΟΠΙΑ deput album was released in digital form.

They have performed numerous audiovisual shows in Greece during the period 2017-2019.

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