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Video Mapping, 2023

Fluid and geometrical textures warp around the elements of the Fresco on Volvic lava (1983) by Josiane Dimey located on the Parvis des Justes Oeuvre in Lille.

Intricate and crystallic sounds welcome a timeless metamorphosis, creating a malleable landscape where never-ending seasons warp into each other, transforming the ceramic image into a 3-dimentional geometric murmuration.

Réalisation, concept et design

Panagiotis Tomaras


Sound design

Panagiotis Tomaras



Rencontres Audiovisuelles / Laboratoire LARSH


Réalisé dans le cadre d’une résidence du Video Mapping European Center à Arenberg Creative Mine

Avec le soutien de l'Union européenne - FEDER

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