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Electronic Music Group



Since 2013 I am the visual and stage designer for the industrial electronic music group from Sheffield, Clock DVA.


Clock DVA emerged alongside Cabaret Voltaire and Throbbing Gristle in the industrial scene of the late 70s, and reached the peak of their influential oeuvre with the 1989 album ‘Buried Dreams’: a masterpiece, fusing hypnotic electronic arrangements and EBM-influences with core-member Adi Newton’s interests in the surreal, the occult and deviant sexuality.

Since 2013 Clock DVA line-up is Adi Newton, Tez and Panagiotis Tomaras


Clock DVA have been performed in numerous festivals and one-off concerts in Europe, Russia and USA such as: Incubate Festival [NL], The Monumental Cemetery of Bologna [IT], Electro-Mechanica Festival [RU], WGT [DE], Berlin Atonal [DE], Cold Waves V [US] and many more.

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