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Music & Light Perormance




Taking Giacinto Scelsi, the composer of the mysterious spirituality, as its starting point, this performance follows a path of music and light to the “godfather” of ambient, Brian Eno.

To mark the 30th anniversary of Giacinto Scelsi’s death, ΤΕΤΤΤΙΞ stages an ambient performance in which the spectators-listeners are left free to immerse themselves in the music or simply to follow it from a distance. Every composer calls forth different expressive means: imperceptible changes made by increasing or decreasing the density of the musical material or emphasizing a particular sound colour and instrumental register.

Guided by the music’s atmosphere, its 'minimalist' aesthetic and its impact, which moves between the hypnotic and the stimulating, Panagiotis Tomaras plays with the fundamental qualities of light. Using reflections and gradations of intensity and colour, he weaves subtle optical illusions and creates a singular environment for each work.


Concept, Realization

Michalis Paraskakis

Artistic direction and programming

Katerina Konstantourou, Michalis Paraskakis, Nikos Galenianos, Nikos Ioakeim

Light & Stage Design

Panagiotis Tomaras

Sound engineer

Brian Coon


Onassis Cultural Center


Konstantinos Terzakis

Performed by

Ana Chifu (flute), Εirini Amanatiadou (clarinet), Guido de Flaviis (saxophone), Rhea Pickios (bassoon), Sissi Makropoulou (harp), Katerina Konstantourou (piano, qanun), Mislav Režić (guitar), Stamatis Pasopoulos (accordeon), Panagiotis Ziavras (percussion, santur), Charis Pazaroulas (double bass), Michalis Paraskakis (composer, voice), Nikos Ioakeim (composer), Nikos Galenianos (composer).


Warm thanks to

Miltos Logiadis, Pavlos Sergiou, Anastasia Georgaki & Thanos Nikolopoulos, Zacharias Tarpagkos, Vaggelis Paschalidis, Vasilis Zigkeridis, Alexandros Rizopoulos, Giorgos Perrakis, Stella Chronopoulou, Antonis Hadjinikolaou, Marko Runjić, and to Brian Eno for granting us his music free of charge.


Shown at Onassis Cultural Center Stegi

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