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For this project I have built a camera based on the mechanical principles of the cameras that are used to capture the photo-finish image in racing competitions.
During the long exposure photograph the film is moving in front of a narrow slit while the shutter is open. This mechanical set-up captures a sequence of “photo-lines”, each one surrounded by its past and its future.
The misshapen pictures of the 38 Seconds series are recordings of moving subjects which were found in the same place for a different time for the duration of 38 seconds.

38 Seconds photography series is inspired by the aspect of time fragmentation and continuation within the frame of Bergsonian conception of duration. The flawless and perpetual notion of time according to Bergson "is something that we can only perceive as a whole by detaching the positivistic fragmentation and order of time".



38 Seconds won the 1st prize at +HIP Prize


Shown at

Athens Photo Festival 2009, Esplanada Building - Faliro Olympic Facilities, Greece.

Art Contest “2010 Awards”, Municipal Art Gallery of Ioannina, Greece

Photo Biennale 2010, Panormo Rethymnou, Greece

Festival Encontros da Imagem 2010, Mosteiro de Tibães, Portugal

+HIP Prize, Pulchri Studio, the Netherlands

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