LIGHT SEQUENCES | 2015 | generative light installation


Light sequences is a generative light installation inspired by the abstract expressionism movement. It is visualizing colour patterns that are possible in a 9x3 resolution matrix. The patterns are evolving slowly from one to the other in order to formulate a new unseen light image. Each of these patterns is being stored and influence the generation of the upcoming ones.


Light Sequences has been shown at Light Art Gouda 2015: Hallucinations.







TROPISM | 2014 | light and dance performance


A dancer reacts to the switching of the colors and the intensity of light, altering the causes and components of motion. Precise light flashes break the continuation of dancer's movement revealing fragments of her motion.


Direction | Lighting: Panagiotis Tomaras
Performer | Choreography: Mirto Delimichali
Music: The Anti-Group Communications
Tropism has been presented at AVDP 2014, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens, Greece








TRANS | 2013 | optokinetic light installation


Trans light installation is a research on the spatial retina's artifacts when exposed to extreme and unusual optical conditions.


Trans has been shown at: Hoogtij #33, GEMAK, the Netherlands | SPHERES | ArtScience Preview Exhibition, GEMAK, the Netherlands | Graduation and Award ceremony of KABK, Royal Academy of Art, the Netherlands









DISPLACE 3.0 | 2014 | immersive light installation


In Displace, it is all about sensory experience. The project was developed by a team that is not only expert in media art but also in anthropology, gastronomy and research into the senses in general. As if in a laboratory, the visitor is taken through a series of environments in which each of the senses are stimulated. Not only sight, but hearing, taste, smell and touch are all part of the experience. Little by little, the perceptions of the different organs merge and a hallucinatory total experience occurs, taking the senses to saturation point.


Direction: Chris Salter / TeZ
Lighting and programming: Panagiotis Tomaras


Displace 3.0 is one of a series of experiments carried out as part of the research project Mediations of Sensation. This programme was developed by Chris Salter, David Howes and TeZ with the generous support of the Fonds de recherche Québec Societé et Culture (FRQSC).





300000 LM | 2014 | light installation


300000 lm is a light installation commissioned by the light festival of Ioannina 2014 and consist of 60 red and blue fluorescent light tubes. The installation was placed on the wall of the historical castle of Ioannina. The installation is the brightest light shined in the city of Ioaninna with luminosity more than 300000 lumen.






INTERFERENCE | 2014 | kinetic light installation


Interference consists of 32 fluorescence lights shine through apparatuses, creating Fourier and Young-diffraction patterns on walls, floor and ceiling. The diffraction patters are being altered by the use of rotating fan blowing the lightweight apparatuses.


Interference has been shown at Interference Festival 2014 by IDFX and KOP, Breda Central Train Station, Netherlands