RENTZIS | 201? | Documentary (expected)


Undoubtedly a multifaceted personality, Thanasis Rentzis was inter alia, director of groundbreaking and innovative films, founder and director of the magazine "Film", president of the Greek Directors, director of Thessaloniki International Film Festival, professor of Aesthetics of Film and Audiovisual arts, while admittedly considered a reference point for the Greek experimental cinema.


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38 SECONDS | 2009 | photography


For this project I have built a camera based on the mechanical principles of the cameras that are used to capture the photo-finish image in racing competitions.
The film during the capture is moving in front of a narrow slit while the shutter is open. This mechanical set-up captures a sequence of “photo-lines”, each one surrounded by its past and its future.
The misshapen pictures of the 38 Seconds series are recordings of moving subjects which were found in the same place for a different time for a specific time duration, that of 38 seconds.

38 Seconds photography series is inspired by the aspect of time fragmentation and continuation within the frame of Bergsonian conception of duration. The flawless and perpetual notion of time according to Bergson is something that we can only perceive as a whole by detaching the positivistic fragmentation and order of time.



38 Seconds won the 1st prize at +HIP Prize organized by Pulchri Studio of the Hague and Political Arts Initiative.
38 Seconds photography series has been shown at: Athens Photo Festival 2009, Esplanada Building - Faliro Olympic Facilities, Greece. | Art Contest “2010 Awards”, Municipal Art Gallery of Ioannina, Greece. | Photo Biennale 2010, Haroupomilos - Panormo Rethymnou, Greece. | Festival Encontros da Imagem 2010, Mosteiro de Tibães, Portugal. | +HIP Prize, Pulchri Studio, the Netherlands.





MEMORY TAPES | 2010 | 11' 20" | cut-up video


Memory Tapes is a re-edit video of various science fiction films. Scenes and monologues of selected movies merged one another in order to create a fusion dialogue about things.

Footages are taken from the following movies: Pi [D. Aronofsky, 1998], Videodrome [D. Cronenberg, 1983], Blade Runner [R. Scott, 1982], 2001: A Space Odyssey [S. Kubrick, 1968], Watchmen [Z. Snyder, 2009], Gattaca [A. Niccol, 1997], Total Recall [P. Verhoeven, 1990], Dark City [A. Proyas, 1998], The Eye [O. P. Chun, D. Pang, 2002], I am a cyborg, But That's OK [C. Park, 2006], 1984 [M. Radford, 1984], Mad Max 2 [G. Miller, 1981], The Royal Tenenbaums [W. Anderson, 2001], Nain souruzu [T. Toyoda, 2003], Planet of the Apes [F. J. Schaffner, 1968].
Memory Tapes has been shown at: Mash Rome Film Fest 2014, Italy | ESPACIO ENTER CANARIAS 2013, Spain | VIDEOHOLICA International Video Art Festival 2013, Bulgaria | Playground AV Festival 2013, Austria | Photometria Photo Festival 2013, Greece | Athens Video Art Festival 2013, Greece






1138 | 2011 | 4' 00" | cut-up video


1138 is a video collage about psychedelic drugs, brain waves, the Dream Machine of Brion Gysin and quantum mechanics.


Narration and footages are taken from the following movies and documentaries: Marshall McLuhan: Do you like TV? [CBC, 19.3.1967], Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas [T. Gilliam, 1998], Flicker [N. Sheehan, 2008], THX 1138 [G. Lukas, 1971], The Observer Effects: Dean Radin (Senior Scientist IONS) [K. Niel], A Zed and Two Noughts [P. Greenaway, 1986], The Limits of Control [J. Jarmusch, 2009], William S. Burroughs: A Man Within [Y. Leyser, 2010], Solaris [A. Tarkovsky, 1972].








50 HZ | 2010 | photography


50 Hz does not refer to some event as rather to a repetitive procedure. This repetition results in the portrayal of whichever reality in the form of a space-time labyrinth bereft of vanishing points and points of reference. Like an echo, the photographs multiply the occurring event – death taking place in some movie – laying out synchronically its endless aspects.
Every version of the event requires the destruction of its precedent: the employed technique is based on the continuous unfolding/ exposure of the photographic film and the ensuing altered representation of the event.
50 Hz are meta-images, images about other images, constituting a typical effort of the art of postmodernity to talk about topical issues while exploring its own limits. At the same time, the resulting imagery claims its autonomy as it seeks aesthetical integrity. It is not easy to define the form of these pictures where repetition coexists with difference, creation with destruction, glamour with sublimity, plasticity with the grotesque.

Accepting the intertextuality of this meta-art, the spectator experiences his/her personal feelings and draws his/her own conclusions profiting from another characteristic of contemporary art, the liberation of form from content. The beholder is consequently driven to read 50 Hz as forms. Spacious enough to accommodate his/her own meanings. Sufficiently attractive to force him/her place those meanings inside them.


text by Evangelos Zoidis


50 Hz photography series has been shown at: Photo Biennale / Logos 2014, Archaeological Museum of Ancient (Roman) Forum, Thessaloniki, Greece | Athens Photo Festival 2010, ABOUT gallery, Greece





165 | 2009 | 2' 45" | cut-up video


Various miniDV archive tapes of mine edited in an associational way. Nothing more than presenting instantaneous events with dynamic and tension.

1st prize @ 1st Athens International Digital Film Festival Awards 2011 [GR]
165 has been shown at: L.A. Short Film Festival 2011, Athens, Greece. | Tzoumerka Art Festival 2011, Agnanta, Epirus, Greece. | 1st Athens International Digital Film Festival 2011, Athens, Greece. | MIR Festival 2010, Athens, Greece. | Athens Video Art Festival 2010, Athens, Greece.